The club offers trips to different US ski resorts and international ski destinations that have included Europe, Argentina, Chile...

The Best Resorts Worldwide


Make New Friends

With more than 3,000 members nationwide 70+ gives you a reason to connect with old friends or make new ones!


Discover the Benefits

70+ Ski Club members receive timely event information and special discounts to help ensure fresh tracks this season!


Annual Meeting & Race

Join us at Upstate New York’s Hunter Mountain for our 40th Annual Meeting and Race!


Annual Midwest Meeting

All Midwest 70+ Ski Club Members are encouraged to join the annual Midwest Meeting at Nubs Nob Harbor Springs, MI


The Thrill of Racing

Competitive racers from age 70 to 100 won medals and pins at races held at different resorts throughout the season!

Since 1977, 70+ Ski Club members have enjoyed free and discounted skiing, developed lasting friendships, and skied together at resorts worldwide.

Peak Performance

When Lou Batori began skiing at the age of ten, skis were boards strapped to your feet and there were no ski lifts. Now, at age 100, he’s still skiing and racing — with no plans to stop. CBS Sunday Morning Correspondent Bill Geist catches up with him at the annual gathering of the 70+ ski club in Nubs Nob, Michigan.

70+ Ski Club Membership


  • A distinctive 70+ Jacket patch.
  • List of areas that offer seniors free or discounted skiing.
  • Newsletter subscription. (Printed Spring & Fall)
  • A membership card

Member Profile

George Jedenoff 97 year old skier shares some words of wisdom!

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