100+ year old Skier Lou Batori


Can my spouse join if I am 70, but he/she is not?
No, but your spouse is welcome to join you at any event.

Can a member bring a non-member on a trip?
Yes.  Many of our members bring younger spouses, children, friends  etc.

Is the list of areas who offer seniors free and discounted skiing on the web site?
No.  A printed list is distributed to members only.

I’m not 70 yet..is there any way to join your trips?
We have a number of members who have been regularly bringing their “younger” friends along as guests on our trips. We have affectionately nicknamed them our “70+ in training” group. Please see the JOIN page for more information.

How many members are in the club?
The club has over 3,000 members nationwide.

How old is the oldest member?
Our oldest member is over 100 years old and still an active skier!  We also have about 125 members in their 90’s and over a thousand in their 80’s!

Why does my membership card say 70+ when I am over 80?
The club is recognized by ski areas as the “70+ Ski Club”, 80+ and 90+ patches and pins are available.

Can you find me a roommate for club trips?
Yes, a big advantage of traveling with a group is being able to split costs with a roommate.

Is the 70+ a local club?
No, we are a national club with members across the US and Canada, but do maintain some local chapters.

Is my patch iron on or sew on?
It is an iron patch.