Golden Years Glow

“Thank you for your dedicated serviced.  It is great to dream about skiing for the coming ski season.  This makes our golden years glow.”

Keep Active… for FREE!

“I was able to use information from your Newsletter to spend a free week in VT in December and New Mexico in February.  Thanks for keeping us informed and active.”

Respect The Patch!

“I think this is great!  It has made me feel a part of something and I find myself talking with others wearing The Patch – I Ski Nubs Nob and The ‘Boynes.’ Last year I did over 1100 down hill runs as I found new reasons to ‘hit the slopes’ with my 70+ friends.  Many thanks to you!”

Friday Nights with Lloyd

“My wife Ruth remembers how we used to be glued to the radio Friday nights as we listened to Lloyd’s broadcasts. She, or one of our two children, made notes and nobody dared make a sound. We liked to ski at a different area each Saturday. Our children always argued for going to the biggest areas and my wife and I argued for the least expensive ones. The final decision depended on information from Lloyd’s columns and broadcasts. He provided a much needed and appreciated public service to us, and many other skiing families. Thank you Lloyd”

-Norman Dibelius Winter Sports