70+ Ski Club Meets the Brain Nerd

Some of the fun that comes with skiing is the people you meet on the chairlift. On our club trip to Big Sky, Montana one member shared a lift ride and some runs with a lovely women named Janet, who was invited to join us for après-ski. Janet, known professionally as the “Brain Nerd”, is a very accomplished health professional who is a seasoned senior advisor, good brain health advocate and speaker on dementia. She was eager at the chance to meet our group. As someone who goes around speaking to groups of seniors offering advice on how to prevent dementia, she seemed amazed to meet a group of people who were actually doing all the things she talks about. She believes the most important activity to add years to life with no pain or dementia is consistent continual, every day, aerobic exercise. She could not help but be impressed as she heard how everyone stays physically fit with everything from daily trips to the gym to maintain strength and flexibility to vigorous games of pickle ball. After exercise, she says being socially and mentally active are the keys to adding years. She talked to many widows who told her everything they do to stay active and make new friendships. Knowing how loneliness and depression are precedents to dementia, she was also impressed to hear people say skiing is a great way to shake off the winter blues. One member may have best summed up everyone’s healthy lifestyle when she said “when you retire your new career is staying active and traveling”. You can read the Brain Nerd’s blog entry on her website www.thebrainnerd.com and learn more about the members she talked to and what she does.