Season Passes – Did you get your money’s worth? 

Based on the crowds they generate, skiers and boarders seem to be getting their money’s worth from their IKON, EPIC, INDY and other multi-resort passes. 

Take a hike!

Everyone probably agrees on the importance of staying physically and mentally active, but I think our members also benefit from spending time outdoors enjoying nature.

70+ Ski Club Meets the Brain Nerd

Some of the fun that comes with skiing is the people you meet on the chairlift. On our club trip to Big Sky, Montana one member shared a lift ride and some runs with a lovely women named Janet, who was invited back to one of our evening get-togethers.

The Glass is Always Full!

Rolf had nothing to smile about after cracking his pelvis, but he did anyway!

Eat Your Water

I'm always concerned about getting dehydrated when I ski, especially in high elevations and low temperatures. I appreciate water is the most essential ingredient to life after oxygen, but stopping for frequent bathroom breaks is not very practical when you are skiing (even less so for women).