I’m so excited to find this club!  All my ski friends have stopped skiing and it’s no fun skiing alone.

“I’ve been blessed to take many ski trips with numerous clubs – all, of course, have run the gamut from “great” to “lousy”, largely attributable to the organization and management. Relative to those traits, 70+ has earned the status of NONPAREIL.”

“The 70+ decals and patch are a great conversation starter when riding the chairlifts.”

“The Newsletter keeps me young!  I plan on skiing as long as I can.”

“Ever since I joined the 70+ Ski Club, 9 years ago, I’ve considered it a pleasure and a benefit to be a member of what I consider a fine organization.  The annual dues are minimal..definitely worth the membership benefits”

“Hope to wear a 90+ pin someday.”

“Nice club..many nice members.”

“Very interesting reading about other people skiing in my age group.”

“I love the attitude that age has no barriers.”

“Very proud of my 80+ patch.”

“Lou Batori is an inspiration to see and talk with.”

“Thanks for your help in making skiing fun for those of us over 70.”

“Belonging to the 70+ Ski Club was such a big help last winter – Thank you!”

”My thanks to the club for all it does for old crocks like me!”

“Enjoy the news and meeting other members on the slopes.”

“My first experience was last year at Nubs Nob.  It was great!”

“Love to ski..and be able to afford it because of this club.”

“Past season was my first.  There was no fuss, but cordial acceptance was memorable.  I look forward to my next event.”

“First event I attended was at Hunter.  Had a good day, most members friendly.”

“Wonderful people to ski and socialize with.”

“Couldn’t be happier with the organization. Plan our schedule around skiing with our 8 grandchildren.”

“I get many comments about my 70+ patch from young skiers and boarders.”

“2 titanium knees, skiing and racing better than ever.”

“Stroke January, back on skis March..Don’t give up, go for it!!”

“Great bargain!”